Why Glow Bio Cleanses are Superior:

1. Why are the Glow Bio Cleanses different than other cleanses?

Our cleanses are different for several reasons:

Kimberly Snyder is a highly sought after clinical and celebrity nutritionist, and has designed each recipe and each cleanse program in accordance with her nutritional philosophy, which is highlighted in her Beauty Detox books and has garnered praise from Dr. Mehmet Oz, celebrities such as Drew Barrymore, Fergie, and many others, and national publications such as The New York Times and Vogue.

The Glow Bio cleanses are carefully designed both in order and products to ingest in each day, to maximize your cleanse experience with strategically placed fiber, to help escort toxins out of the body and also stabilize your blood sugar levels. Specific boosters are included in the program along the way to help “debloat” and flush out water weight, to help your system function more efficiently, enhance immunity and optimize digestive function. Our cleanses are not randomly put together just for “taste” or as “build your own”.

All the cold-pressed juices we provide you with are enhanced with probiotics, which help to optimize your cleanse experience by balancing your gut and internal flora, which can help result in better digestion and rooting out toxins on a deeper level.

We use 100% organic produce, and package our products in non-leachable PET post-consumer recycled and easily recyclable materials, which is extremely eco-friendly. Glass bottles are heavy and leave a much bigger carbon footprint from shipping and storage, and corn-based products can only be recycled at special decomposing facilities.

2. Why should I do a cleanse- and a Glow Bio cleanse specifically?

Your body may need support transitioning and maintaining healthy, long-term lifestyle shifts. Properly designed cleanses can also be helpful when you feel you need to break food addictions and need help getting back on track when you’ve fallen far away from an ideal diet.

A cleanse should never be undertaken with the sole purpose to crash diet or lose a lot of weight quickly. Strict juice programs that advertise cleanses as such are programs where you mainly lose only water weight, which you will gain back when you finish. You also have to start eating at some point, so you will gain back weight you lost when you do start eating.

In contrast, the Glow Bio cleanses are designed with the big picture in mind. They contain not just plain juice, but probiotic-enhanced juices to help rebuild and balance your system, boosters, and bio-available smoothies, which have fiber to balance your blood sugar levels and help escort toxins out of your body. Giving your body a break from the daily foods you consume (many of which may be processed, and contain salt and oils), can help your body’s digestive functions rest and redirect energy into deeper cleansing via its eliminative organs, which can manifest in renewed energy, a sleeker physique, clearer eyes and glowing skin.

While you may lose some weight during a cleanse, more importantly, our cleanses help your body be more balanced from the inside out post-cleanse, so it can operate more efficiently. You will also be better able to stick to the Glowing Green Foundation and making long-term lifestyle shifts and sticking to them, which is where you will see continual improvement and results, and yes, sustained weight loss.

3. How do your recipes optimize digestion and assimilation?

All of the recipes at Glow Bio have been specifically crafted to optimize complete digestion and full assimilation of nutrients. Our products are made more bio-available through the digestion enhancers we incorporate, which include pre-hydrating, activating, sprouting and probiotic-enhancement.

It is all about speed; we want nutrients in the food to absorb quickly, and the rest of the food to pass through easily. Speed reduces fermentation, purification, gassiness, and bloating. At Glow Bio, we follow all food paring rules. We make our own raw, sprouted almond milk. We pair citrus (lemon) into our Glowing Green Smoothie to help your body better absorb the non-heme (plant-based) iron. And we never, ever use agave, which is a highly processed sweetener that is marketed as being healthy because it is low-glycemic, but is extremely high in fructose.