1. How come the Glow Bio program doesn’t need to be picked up daily for the Set and Glow cleanse programs?

Our blending and juice extraction methods allow the products to keep good, refrigerated, for 72 hours.

Blending breaks down the produce but doesn’t completely masticate the produce, which would make it vulnerable to oxidation. Our cold-pressed juicers are different than centrifugal juicers. The low-heat methods allow for greater preservation of enzymes and other nutrients, a higher yield of juice, vitamin and mineral extraction and absorption which is estimated as being 3-5 times higher than other juicing methods, and almost complete removal of pulp. Pulp left in juice, which is present in juices made from centrifugal juicers, contain air and contributes to the juice oxidizing very quickly.

2. What else can I drink except for what comes in the cleanse packages?

Lots of fresh water. If you need extra flavor, adding lemon or steeping cucumber slices in the water is okay, but we don’t recommend carbonated water, which allows air bubble to travel to your stomach and release carbon dioxide into your digestive system. Be sure to stay away from acidic beverages like diet sodas. It is also best to give yourself a break from all caffeine. Herbal tea is okay, but green tea, which contains over 30 mg of caffeine per cup, and coffee should be (ideally!) avoided during your cleanse.

3. Does it really matter what order I drink the smoothies, juices and boosters?

Yes. Kimberly has designed all the cleanses to be strategically structured in a certain way to enhance your body balancing, and to ensure you get as much as possible out of your cleanse. The days start and end with the fiber-filled Glowing Green Smoothie. You need this fiber to help bind with toxins and help escort them out of the body, encourage greater eliminations, and also stabilize blood sugar levels. The boosters are also positioned in a certain order. For instance, at the beginning of some of the cleanses, the Debloater shot helps move water weight out so your body can function more efficiently, then as more wastes are kicked up, the Immunity shot helps support your immune system. Our cold-pressed juices provided during a cleanse are enhanced with probiotics. This takes these juices to the next level than regular cold-pressed juices. The addition of probiotics adds friendly flora which help balance your inner gut to ensure that digestion, nutritional absorption and immunity are all optimized.

4. How should I store my Glow Bio products?

Take them out of the box and/or the bag and move into your refrigerator. Print and tape the order of your cleanse program to your fridge door, so you remember the correct order in which to take them.

5. What is the best way to consume the smoothies and juices?

Chew them. Never chug them. By making a chewing action with every swallow of smoothie or juice, you will mix saliva and therefore important digestive enzymes in with the drinks, such as amylase, which help the nutrients absorb into your body even better. This also helps prevent bloating.

6. Can I drink kombucha while doing a cleanse?

It is not recommended. You are getting plenty of probiotics from our probiotic-enhanced cold-pressed juices. Kombucha is believed by some to have acid-forming qualities, and is it made from processed sugars and black tea, which contains caffeine.

I have a family/social/work meeting where I have to eat something during the cleanse. Or maybe partway through I really just feel I need to eat something! What should I have? If you must eat something, stick with a green salad with only lemon as a dressing (absolutely no oil) and chew each bite really well. Half an avocado is also an acceptable option, wrapped in a collard green or some lettuce leaves. Blended, all-veggie soup would also be a good option, topped with some chopped raw veggies for crunch. Avoid oils and also avoid dense proteins, including nuts.

Don’t be too hard on yourself or think you have to be “perfect” for the entire cleanse. Do your best, make it doable for you, and remember that it is progress, not perfection, that counts.

7. I haven’t gone to the bathroom at all for over 24 hours. What should I do?

Sometimes, when you kick up a lot of waste at once you may get temporarily blocked. An enema kit may be helpful to administer home enemas. Aerobic Life Mag07 is a non-laxative product, which safely distributes nascent oxygen into your system and may help promote greater release. It may be helpful to you. A gravity-centered colonic may be useful- ideally from a recommended therapist. Otherwise, keep following the cleanse, and try doing some gentle spinal twists after drinking your hot water with lemon in the morning, to help promote more release.

8. Is it ok to exercise while cleansing?

Everyone is different. If you are feeling tired, which can happen from your body shifting a great deal of energy to focus on cleansing, then you should respect that and take it easy. On the other hand, some people feel a great deal of energy and are comfortable working out or going to yoga class. Listen to your body.

9. What are detox symptoms? Will I get them?

Again, everyone is starting at a different place when they go into a cleanse, and may react in a different way. As toxins and wastes are pushed to the surface, your body may feel the effect of them much more than when they were pushed way down into your system and lying dormant. You may experience the “worse before better” scenario, but the good news is that your body is ridding itself of toxins that were holding it back from perfect balance. You may or may not experience the following symptoms: headaches, light-headedness, skin eruptions, foul body odor and/or stools, coldness, fatigue. Besides the Glow Bio products, be sure to drink lots of water and rest when you feel really tired. Listen to your body, and if something you feel as extreme comes up, go see your doctor.

10. How should I prepare for my cleanse?

Cut out (or to a bare minimum) alcohol, dairy and animal products for at least 3 days leading up to your cleanse. Stick to salads, vegetarian options like baked vegetables and quinoa or brown rice, and fresh fruit.

Ideally, you should be doing the Glowing Green Foundation (GGS, GGJ, Power Green Juice, LemonAid probiotic) at least 3 days before you begin your cleanse.

11. What should I do after my cleanse?

Remember that the cleanse programs are really designed to help get you back on track with your ongoing cleanse, which you must do continuously. You don’t just clean your house a few times a year. You must clean it on a constant basis. And so it is with the body. Toxins and metabolic wastes are constantly building in the body. If you want the best results, you have to view the idea of “cleanse” as a verb, not a noun. As in, you have to cleanse constantly, not just do a cleanse here and there, only to go back to your normal way of eating.

So after the cleanse, welcome to your new, renewed eating program! It is highly recommended that you get on the Glowing Green Foundation daily, or as often as possible. It is what Kimberly consumes daily and recommends to all her clients. The more you consume it, the better results you will get and the more improvement you will see in your health and beauty. As for solid foods, introduce fruit, salads and veggies back in, and be sure to chew everything well. Steamed veggies and blended soups are great choices as well. Do not eat any animal products for ideally the amount of days that you were on the cleanse, then you can introduce them slowly back in, if you choose. After the first day after the cleanse, you can start to introduce some baked root veggies, like sweet potatoes, on salads, or sprouted nuts. Go slowly.

12. What if I have more questions?

If you can’t find the answers here, then email us at Cleanse@MyGlowBio.com