1. How long do your smoothies and juices stay good for?

We cold-press our juices fresh daily each morning, and smoothies are made to order. They both last fresh for up to a maximum of 72 hours, so feel free to stock up for that time if that is better for your schedule!

2. Why don’t you use agave?

Many people believe agave is a “healthy” sweetener because it is marketed as being “natural” and low-glycemic. In fact, agave is a highly processed sweetener. The chemical process for manufacturing agave nectar is nearly the same as the corn refiners using in making high-fructose corn syrup from corn starch. Using the agave glucose and insulin found in the plant’s roots, manufacturers subject it to a chemical enzymatic (using genetically modified enzymes) process that converts it into nearly pure fructose (70 percent, or in some cases 90%, or higher). Agave is almost pure fructose, and consuming high levels of fructose can contribute to weight gain and destruction of the collagen in the skin. We recommend that you eliminate all agave consumption immediately.

At Glow Bio we use stevia, or raw coconut nectar as a liquid sweetener. It is nutrient-rich, containing 17 amino acids, minerals, vitamin C, and B vitamins. Its fructose content is only about 10%, compared to upward of 90% in agave. It doesn’t have a coconut taste, so works well in the Glow Bio drinks.

3. How do your recipes optimize digestion and assimilation?

All of the recipes at Glow Bio have been specifically crafted to optimize complete digestion and full assimilation of all beauty nutrients. Our products are made more bio-available through the digestion enhancers we incorporate, which include pre-hydrating, activating, sprouting and probiotic-enhancement.

In addition to the foods we eat, we can increase or decrease energy by the order in which we eat foods and the choice of foods we eat together. In order to lose weight and look your most beautiful, you must free up energy from digestion. It is important to pay close attention to usable nutrients, as we have to digest foods properly and completely in order to assimilate their nutrients. Food Pairing, the science of how food digests optimally in the body, is a very important part. Different foods digest with different enzymes, and some call for more acidic or more alkaline environments. Food Paring incorporates the hard and true tenants of classic food combining, which foods are best to eat together, and which combinations should be avoided at all costs, this has a direct impact on our bodies’ ability to break down foods easily and properly.

Eating Light to Heavy is also extremely important. It is all about speed; we want nutrients in the food to absorb quickly, and the rest of the food to pass through easily. Speed reduces fermentation, purification, gassiness, and bloating. This principle is simple, the lightest foods move the fastest though the stomach and the heaviest ones move the slowest. Not a lot of attention is paid to these extremely important principles, but at Glow Bio, we follow all food paring rules, and recommend our products to be consumed following the light to heavy principle.

4. What is all the alkaline/acid talk about?

Every food you eat digests and makes you more or less alkaline. In general, most people’s bodies are acidic, and we want to be more alkaline. When you are more alkaline, there is an abundance of oxygen in your body, and health and beauty are increased.

Very alkaline foods/entities

• Greens
• Other vegetables
• Ripe fruits
• Sprouts
• Meditation
• Love

Very acidic foods/entities

• Animal protein
• Dairy products
• Refined sugar
• Artificial sweeteners
• Processed foods
• Sodas
• Caffeine
• Alcohol
• Drugs, such as antibiotics/steroids
• Nicotine
• Anger/jealousy
• Stress

*Don’t get confused by the word “acidic,” which is often used to describe the taste or flavor profile of a food. For example, limes or lemons are used to add an “acid” balance to a recipe, but both digest to leave an alkaline ash in our bodies, as do most other fruits and vegetables. It is not helpful to evaluate the pH of a particular food outside the body; instead, it’s the residue that foods leave when they break down inside your body that’s important for your acid-alkaline balance. Dairy milk, in isolation, has an alkaline pH, but digests and leaves an extremely acidic residue in the body. Animal products also produce acidic compounds upon digestion.

5. Why do you include lemon juice in the GGS?

Lemon juice is an important addition to the GGS, because it boosts vitamin C, and high levels of vitamin C increases absorption of non-heme (plant based) iron that are in the greens. Lemon also acts as a blood purifier and as a cleansing agent to flush out bacteria and toxins in the body. It assists digestion, removes constipation, and regulates bile flow. Lemon also helps detoxify the liver, which is your main fat burning and detoxifying organ.

6. Why don’t you combine protein powder with fruit (and therefore not in the GGS or fruit-based shakes)?

With the exception of Acai, which is a fatty fruit, and bananas, which take a longer time to digest than most fruits, it is not recommended to combine protein powder with fruit. Protein powder is a concentrated food, and for optimal digestion, there must be close attention paid to the order in which, and proper combination of foods with which it is consumed. Fruit digests the most quickly in our systems, and should be eaten on an empty stomach, or in combination with leafy greens. Fruits and greens form the perfect pair, as in the Glowing Green Smoothie and Glowing Green juice. The mixing of fruits and protein could result in fermentation, and improper digestion of potential nutrients.

7. Why is there no almond milk in the GGS?

The GGS is recommended as the first thing to be eaten in the morning. By following the Light to Heavy principle, the morning should be kept as clean and light as possible to increase the value of the daily detox, and optimal nutrient absorption. The GGS is made of the most alkaline foods on the planet- greens and fruit. Since almond milk is a more concentrated food, adding it to the GGS would slow down its cleansing properties. It should be consumed separately, and later in the morning/day to optimize full health & beauty potential.

8. Why are there not many so-called “Superfoods” featured on the menu?

The term “superfood” has been popularly used to refer only to foods that are exotic, hard to find and only grow in one part of the world, like maca, goji berries or cacao. There are an abundance of “superfoods” everywhere, which are foods high in vitamins, minerals, fiber and antioxidants. Superfoods have powerful healing qualities and should be a core staple of our daily diet. They do not have to come from across the world. Slick marketing is what makes you think you need to buy all that expensive stuff to be healthy. The best “superfoods” are locally sourced and familiar to you, such as leafy green vegetables and lemons.

9. What are some of the benefits of minerals, vitamins, and enzymes?

Minerals, vitamins, and enzymes are key ingredients to health, beauty, and energy. Minerals are critical for proper functioning of the body. Most minerals aid in body metabolism, water balance, and bone health. Minerals and enzymes are key elements that contribute to beautiful skin, nails and hair. These powerful substances are critical for proper cellular functioning. The health benefits of vitamins include their ability to prevent and treat various diseases including heart problems, high cholesterol levels, eye disorders, and skin disorders. Many vitamins also help your body fight aging.

GLOW BIO products are so high in these antioxidant vitamins, which is one of the reasons they are so effective at fighting aging and promoting a vibrant and youthful appearance. On the most basic level, enzymes are proteins that catalyze hundreds of different processes in the body. This includes breaking down fats, enhancing mental capacity, purifying the blood, and renewing aging skin. There are metabolic enzymes, digestive enzymes, and food enzymes. The trick to assimilating more enzymes into our bodies is in consuming raw foods such as leafy greens, fruits and vegetables. All raw foods have live enzymes that when consumed, work for our bodies so we can reap the health & beauty benefits.

Why is ongoing cleansing important? Ongoing cleansing is a critical way to reach your highest potential of health and beauty. The Glowing Green Smoothie retains all of the fiber of the greens and fruit, rather than removing it. In nature, vegetables and fruit are found with both their fiber and juice intact, and we can’t improve on nature. Fiber is critical for ongoing cleansing by sweeping out toxins on a regular basis, helping to keep your digestive tract and body clean, and also keeping you more full so that you tend to eat less heavy and/or acidic foods throughout the day.

*Note: The goal is for all customers to drink the Glowing Green Smoothie daily, as well as one or two GLOW juices, ie the Glowing Green Foundation bundle. But our Ready, Set, Glow cleanse programs are also helpful- not as the end all, be all in ridding the body of all toxins- no cleanse for a few days can do that. But as a way to help break food addictions and get back on track to establishing a healthy, long-term diet, which is where the real benefits are to be had.

10. Diet vs. Detox?

“Diet” technically means to restrict oneself to small amounts or special kinds of food in order to lose weight.
“Detoxify” is defined as changing eating habits in an attempt to remove toxic substances or qualities. The problem is that many of us think of “detox” as a noun, as in to do “a detox” for a few days here and there. I emphasize “detox” in the verb form, ie detoxing continually, as we also amass toxins constantly.

11. Why are probiotics so important?

Probiotics help preserve a healthy digestive environment and play a critical role in our immune system, 80% of which resides on our gut. Probiotics can help restore our internal balance and will increase vibrancy and overall health in the following ways: digestive functions, eliminating constipation and diarrhea, liver function, resistance to allergies, improves vitamin synthesis, specifically the manufacturing of B vitamins, increases energy, the absorption of nutrients, and helps eliminate bloating and heartburn. Consuming probiotics daily is an essential core of the Glow Bio lifestyle.

12. Are calories all that matter?

No. While it’s true that eating too many calories can, indeed, cause you to gain weight, there’s more to food than just its calorie count. A food’s nutritional content is far more important than its calorie count; however, that doesn’t meant that if you are eating highly nutritious foods you can eat as much as your heart desires without gaining weight. If you eat a large number of calorically dense nutritious foods, you still may gain weight. It is recommended to eat low-cal foods with a great nutritional payoff: vegetables, fruits, and whole grains. You can also eat small amounts of more nutritionally dense plant foods like nuts and seeds, although it is recommend to eat just an ounce or two per day in order to help keep calories and grams of fat consumed manageable.

13. Don’t some raw greens have oxalic acid, and isn’t that bad?

This is a highly controversial topic. There has been research that shows that oxalic acid, which is in a variety of foods such as caffeine products, cola drinks, asparagus, and certain greens including spinach, can bind in some plants and prevent some calcium absorption. However, the degree to which this occurs is controversial. Christiane Northrup, MD, in her book Women’s Bodies, Women’s Wisdom, states, “Some argue that plant oxalates, found in spinach and some other greens, interfere with calcium absorption. Newer data suggests that this absorption issues has been highly overemphasized and is not very significant. So keep eating your spinach.”

Gabriel Cousens, MD, author of Conscious Eating, postulates that upon examining the oxalate sediment in hundreds of people’s urine, the oxalate from natural foods do not build up in the system if digestion and fat metabolism are working properly. In Raw Vegetable Juices, Dr. Norman Walker writes that when greens are cooked (rather than eaten raw), oxalic acid binds irreversibly with calcium, hindering its absorption, crystallizing in the kidneys. This is a controversial, unresolved issue, so remind the customer to rotate their greens, as we do at Glow Bio, and make sure all foods in their diet are balanced.

14. Is Glow Bio an “all or nothing” sort of place?

Unfortunately, this all or nothing attitude is the reason many people give up on healthy choices they are trying to make. Would it be better if you ate only organic plant foods all the time? Would it be better if you got exercise most days of the week? Sure, but sometimes it doesn’t happen. Don’t let life get in the way and rob you of your choice for health. There’s room to slip here and there, and it doesn’t mean you need to give up your new healthy habits just because you did. Aim to make healthy choices a majority of the time, and you’ll start feeling so good you’ll be motivated to continue. Likewise, you don’t have to suddenly change everything all at once to develop a healthy lifestyle.

*Kimberly’s motto is: “Progress, not perfection.” If you make long-term changes, albeit slowly, you are making progress and are improving daily, which is the most important thing. Some customers having a Glow Bio organic coffee made with raw almond milk, instead of an inorganic coffee made with creamer and artificial sweeteners, is in and of itself, huge progress.

14. Can I just get all the nutrients and vitamins I need from supplements?

Naturally occurring nutrients in foods are more compatible with your body and more readily absorbed than their supplement counterparts. There are thousands of compounds in even an apple, which are all in perfect balance. If you eat a well-balanced diet of whole, healthy plant foods, chances are you’ll get most all the nutrients you need for good health. A high quality, whole food-based multivitamin can be good nutritional insurance, along with a few other supplements such as a probiotic supplement, which helps with better digestion and ultimately better overall absorption of nutrients.

15. What is the difference between “natural” and “organic”?

The USDA regulates which products can be labeled “organic.” Organic standards vary by food product, but in general certified organic foods must be free of pesticides, GMO, and chemical fertilizers. Livestock raised as organic also must be free of antibiotics and fed organic feed. Natural, on the other hand, is a marketing term. While laws exist to protect consumers against grossly misleading advertising, it is companies that decide how they will define the word “natural” on their products. In general, the key consideration has nothing to do with the environment or good health. Rather, profit is the driving motive behind use of the term.

16. Why is it that all the ingredients aren’t seasonal?

While we do our best to source seasonal greens and other produce, and do not include seasonal items on the menu, we wanted to keep some staple items. Organic, frozen fruit retains many of its nutrients and is nearly as good as fresh fruit. If everyone only ate strictly seasonal/local ingredients, then most people in the United States would not be able to drink coconut water or bananas, for instance!

16. How do living foods differ from raw foods?

Living foods are made up of whole, organic plant foods, with an emphasis on greens, sprouts, fresh fruit, and some nuts and seeds. Living foods emphasize digestion, and contain lots of easily digestible fermented foods, such as raw sauerkraut, and you must soak and sprout your seeds and nuts. There is no agave, and limited oils, or salt used in the Living Foods Diet. Living foods do not contain too much dehydrated foods. Dehydrated foods are concentrated with no water, and very dense.

A raw food diet is not necessarily the healthiest diet (note: Kimberly was a raw foodist for 4 years before. Now she is a vegan, and eats a high raw food diet, but eats some cooked food as well and feels the best with a plan that is not overly restrictive). Raw foodists tend to eat extremely high quantities of oils, salt, nuts and seeds, nuts combined with avocado, and can consume upwards of 65% of their calories from fat! This is why a lot of raw foodists tend to gain weight, look/seem spacey and have less than excellent skin. A high fat diet (even if it is raw!) is congestive and extremely heavy. Focus on easily digestible foods rather than restrictive terms like “raw”. For instance, well cooked sweet potato digests easier than a huge pile of nuts with oil to boot.

17. What are some simple changes that I can make to my diet for a healthier lifestyle?

Eat Real Food Processed and fast foods contain chemicals, toxic ingredients, and things that used to be food but have been so mechanically and chemically altered that they no longer resemble anything healthy or edible.

Start Your Day with A GGS The GGS contains healthy, digestible plants and enzymes that give you energy and nutrients. In one 16-ounce serving, you will get more greens than most people get in a week- or more! Additionally, because it is blended and digests so easily, your body doesn’t have to waste energy on digestion so you have more for other functions.

Eat Alkaline Aim for an 80%/20% balance of alkaline to acidic foods in your diet. Your body has a narrow range of pH at which it functions in a healthy manner, and when you eat foods that are metabolically acidic, you throw off that balance. Alkaline foods include fresh greens, sprouts, other vegetables and fruit. Highly acidic foods include dairy, meat, soda, processed sugars and alcohol.

Enzymes and Probiotics Enzymes help you fully digest the foods you eat, leaving your digestive system clean and your body energized. Probiotics create healthy gut flora, which supports better immunity and nutrient absorption.

Eat Light to Heavy If you start your day with something heavy, then you’ll hamper your digestion of other foods throughout the day. Avoid the heavy breakfast, and have a GGS instead.

Go Organic Organic produce helps you avoid toxic pesticides and chemicals that build up in the plant foods, and organic food may be much higher in mineral content, due to higher quality soil that is not over-farmed.

Eliminate Dairy It is one of the top eight most allergenic foods. It contains high levels of the protein casein, which the human body has extreme difficulty processing (it is created for a baby cow, not an adult human!). It contains the sugar lactose, which causes digestive symptoms in up to 30 percent of the population. Cow’s milk may also contain contaminates like hormones, antibiotics, and other chemicals that increase your body’s toxic load. Dairy is acid-forming in the body and can actually cause the leaching of alkaline minerals like calcium out of your body. Please refer to Chapter 5 of The Beauty Detox Solution for more information and studies on dairy.

Eliminate Gluten Gluten is the protein in wheat, barley and rye, and is very difficult for the human body to process. In a significant portion of people consuming gluten, it triggers an immune system response that ranges from an allergic reaction (up to and including anaphylaxis) to damaging the intestinal villi that absorb nutrients from the foods you eat. Wheat is a highly hybridized, pesticide-sprayed crop. Modern strains of wheat now used tend to have much higher contents of gluten, and less minerals.

Avoid Consuming too much Liquid with Meals There’s no doubt you need to drink plenty of fresh water, but not with meals. Drinking water with meals dilutes your digestive juices, slowing digestion and cutting into your energy. Instead, avoid drinking large amounts of water for 30 minutes before or an hour after meals.

18. Do you pasteurize any of your “cold-presses” juices?

No. At Glow Bio, we do not alter the “cold pressed” juice in any way. It is pure, fresh, unaltered, and ready to consume on an individual basis. We have extremely high standards in the juicing and bottling stages, making sure that every item, and step of the process is thoroughly clean and sterile. We also recommended that individuals consume their juices not longer than 72 hours from the time is was made, and to never leave the juices unrefrigerated for extended periods of time.

We also go a step farther than any other cold-press juice company out there by offering probiotic-enhanced cold-pressed juices, which couples the power of probiotics with the enzymes and other potent nutrients contained in the cold-pressed juices.