Our Packaging

Our post consumer recycled cold cups are made from post-consumer recycled, non-leachable PET bottles. Recycled products like these help save resources, keep waste out of landfills and give you a more sustainable choice.

We also use Polyethylene terephthalate (PET or PETE) #1. It doesn’t leach chemicals, and is generally considered the safest single-use plastic-bottle choice. It is also the most desired plastic for recycling.

The type of plastic we use is the most energy efficient. A single plastic bottle uses fewer resources to create, fill, ship, and distribute than a single glass bottle. This is because glass bottles weigh up to nine times more than plastic bottles, and leave a much heavier carbon footprint.

We use compostable materials for coffee/tea cups. We dispose of all our compostable materials in an industrial composting site, and offer the ability for our customers to also utilize this service as well. When composted properly, these products can reduce landfill mass by as much as 30%.