1. Do you use organic?

Yes. All our bio-available smoothies, cold-pressed juices and boosters are 100% organic.

2. Why do you put probiotics in your cold-pressed juices?

Probiotics help preserve a healthy digestive environment and play a critical role in your immune system, 80% of which resides in your gut. Probiotics can help restore our internal balance and will increase vibrancy and overall health in the following ways: optimizing digestion, liver function, resistance to allergies, improving vitamin synthesis, and specifically the manufacturing of B vitamins, increasing energy, enhancing the absorption of nutrients, and helping to eliminate bloating and heartburn. Consuming probiotics daily is an essential core of the Glow Bio lifestyle.

Probiotic-enhancement in the cold-pressed juices during your cleanse make it much more effective by helping to balance your inner gut along the way, which will result in even more optimal expulsion of toxins and wastes. Our probiotics consist of the most active, live cultures which enter your body in a liquid solution and do not have to be broken down from a capsule or food-based form. In this form, they are highly active and effective.

3. Why don’t you use agave?

Many people believe agave is a healthy sweetener because it is marketed as being “natural” and low-glycemic. In fact, agave is a highly processed sweetener. The chemical process for manufacturing agave nectar is nearly the same as the corn refiners using in making high-fructose corn syrup from corn starch. Using the agave glucose and insulin found in the plant’s roots, manufacturers subject it to a chemical enzymatic (using genetically modified enzymes) process that converts it into nearly pure liquid fructose (70 percent, or in some cases 90%, or higher). Consuming high levels of fructose can contribute to weight gain and destruction of the collagen in the skin. We recommend that you eliminate all agave consumption immediately.

At Glow Bio we use stevia, or raw coconut nectar as a liquid sweetener. Raw coconut nectar is nutrient-rich, containing 17 amino acids, minerals, vitamin C, and B vitamins. Its fructose content is only about 10%, compared to upward of 90% in agave. It doesn’t have a coconut taste and works well in the Glow Bio drinks.

4. Why does Glow Bio not use cashews or cashew milk?

Similarly to peanuts, cashews are extremely prone to molds such as aflatoxins. They are also rarely (if ever) found raw, as they contain a toxic compound in their shells, called cardol, and are almost always steamed out from their shell to help avoid consumption of this toxin. This is true despite some packaging labeling them as “raw.” Cashews are certainly not a beauty or health food, especially when there are other much better choices to consume, such as almonds and fresh, raw almond milk.