The Glow Bio philosophy, created by nutritionist Kimberly Snyder, is based on a 3-step process. 1) Ingest the best bio-nutrient ingredients 2) Digest foods made more bio-available and 3) Manifest innate potential by balancing bio-power from the inside out.


1. Ingest

What you ingest fuels the formation and functioning of all the cells in your body. At Glow Bio, we use the most bio-nutrient ingredients on earth. They are more than organic –they are also all plant-based, live and unrefined.

Organic Our 100% organic ingredients are nutritious and rich in minerals and vitamins. They also are free of neurotoxic pesticides that directly inhibit the promotion of health by creating toxicity in the body. We use no genetically modified (GMO) foods such as soy and corn, or products that contain them.

Plant-based Plant foods are abundant in the essential nutrients necessary for thriving health. They are alkaline-forming, helping you keep your blood clean and organs functioning at their peak. The more toxins you have in your body, the more your fat cells expand to store the toxins, which prevents you from reaching a sustainable weight. Only plant foods contain fiber, which is critical for ongoing cleansing and continuously pushing wastes and toxins out of your system.

Live Not only are our products raw (unheated so that you obtain the maximum amount of vitamins, enzymes, and nutrition), we also go to considerable effort to activate the enzymes in our plant foods making them more “alive”. We do this through digestive enhancers such as being pre-hydrating, sprouting and culture- enhancing with the addition of probiotics.

Unrefined We only work with pure, natural ingredients in their natural state. Most packaged products are refined through extensive heat, destroying and altering their state in order to extend shelf life. All that we do in our bio-available smoothies and cold-pressed juices is blend/press raw, live ingredients to make them even more digestible.

For example, we only use pure stevia and raw coconut nectar (which is low in fructose) as sweeteners, and never use agave. Agave in its liquid form is even higher in fructose than high fructose corn syrup, one of the main culprits leading to myriad health issues such as obesity and diabetes. Nor do we use refined dairy products such as whey protein, refined oils, low-fat skim milk powders or soy (which is mostly GMO in the United States).


2. Digest

Digestion, the critical middle step between Ingest and Manifest, determines how fully (or not) your body absorbs nutrients. Unfortunately, it is often unnecessarily energy- exhaustive, sapping our body’s systems of energy needed for health. Glow Bio products use powerful, natural digestive enhancers to work with your body’s natural biochemistry to optimize digestion, ensuring that you obtain the maximum amount of nutrition while at the same time minimize energy used.

Our products are made to be optimally Bio-Available, and achieve this state through pre-hydrating, activating, properly combining and adding probiotics to our plant foods. This way, freed up energy flows to other important body functions such as detoxification, ongoing cleansing, beautifying functions, immunity and fighting disease.

Pre-hydrated Where possible, we pre-hydrate or sprout our ingredients in water or other liquids, to awaken their enzymes and nutrients so as to put them into an optimal state for digestion. Our bodies are over 70% water, and eating foods in a pre-hydrated state puts them in tune with our bodies. Pre-hydrating creates a gel of soluble and insoluble fiber that helps to greatly enhance cleansing by sweeping debris out of your system, and provides you with long-burning energy. If these ingredients were not pre-hydrated, instead of being cleansing they would actually be dehydrating, stressing our body’s optimal digestive functions.

Activated Enzymes are usually dormant until they are purposely awakened. This adds hours and days to our processing time but is worth it as it gives our food natural aliveness and power. Activating also includes sprouting, which is the miraculous, transitional time when foods in a seed form are awakened into a living form, and begin to grow into plants. This process greatly multiplies their nutritional value.

We also, through super enzyme-charged bee pollen, supplement certain products to make them more active. Live enzymes are the catalyst for thousands of life-supporting functions, including DNA repair, improving absorption of nutrients, reversing aging and promoting better digestion, and therefore less bloating/gas and constipation.

Properly Combined Digestion can be an energy-exhaustive process, so being strategic about pairing foods that digest best together, we are able to redirect the incredibly heavy energy burden that can be taken up with digestion, to energy that is healing, regenerating and beautifying. When foods are indiscriminately mixed, digestion ends up taking much longer. This can result in chronic bloating, indigestion, difficulty in losing weight and chronic exhaustion/low energy.

Different foods require different transit times and digestive enzyme secretions to digest. For instance, we avoid mixing non-fat fruits with protein (like raw protein powder), as fruit is the fastest digesting food of all and protein is slow. This can lead to digestive distress, copious amounts of wasted energy and lower nutrition absorption.

Probiotic Much of your health and beauty is rooted in your gut, which is also where about 80% of your immunity resides. Glow Bio can help restore the inner balance of good bacteria in your body, which can help increase your health and vibrancy in many ways – by shedding excess weight, clearing skin, increasing energy and improving digestion and liver function as well as promoting better vitamin synthesis. Many GLOW BIO products, including our cold-pressed juices are fortified with active probiotics.


3. Manifest

Ingesting and efficiently digesting GLOW BIO products can provide more nutrients and free up abundant energy in your body to heal and clear your mind so that you are able to experience greater clarity and awareness, making it easier for you to manifest your true potential. Bio-Power will help you on your journey to health, beauty, vigor and youth.

Health A healthy body is balanced, giving it the energy to repair and heal itself at its core foundation. It will find its ideal weight, without the constant struggle of the endless cycle of yo-yo dieting. It will relieve you of having to rely solely on external aids like medications to combat every possible symptom of an ailment, thereby preventing numerous side effects. For instance, in the USA, digestive aids are a multi-million dollar business (antacids, laxatives, etc.). If one tried to correct their diet first, much of the distress requiring such products would be avoided.

Beauty Glow Bio defines beauty not in a superficial way, but as an external expression of abundant minerals and nutrients distributed throughout your cellular tissues, and visible through glowing skin, healthy hair and bright eyes. As you become healthier, you naturally and automatically become more beautiful.

Vigor Vigor is being able to act powerfully with a magnetic presence through refined strength and energy. As your body becomes more cleansed and fortified with Glow Bio foods, your mind becomes more aware, clear and joyful. You live and work from a place of increased vigor in all areas of your life.

Youth Vibrant youthfulness is independent of chronological age. Instead it’s dependent on biological age and a state of mind. Beautiful, smoother skin, fuller hair and moving with youthful grace, and living more fully are all possible with the regular consumption of superior, Bio-Available foods.

In summation, when you manifest your true being and unify and balance your body, mind and spirit, you will be become Balanced Inside Out.

We believe our Glow Bio community, shared knowledge and food can help each of us on our journeys to realize our own unique Bio-Power.