Our Foods

At present, Glow Bio’s delicious foods come primarily in the form of smoothies, which are blended with their fiber intact and are thus whole foods and juices, which are cold-pressed, meaning they are more concentrated and have no fiber.


Bio-Available Smoothies

Smoothies are the foundation of any diet and should be consumed daily. Because they are blended, smoothies allow you to consume large amounts of nutrients, but in the way that nature intended- with the fiber and juice intact.

Our smoothies are bio-available, meaning that they have been sourced and prepared to deliver the best and most nutrients in a form most compatible with your system. Since they also contain fiber, they are a whole food that also performs the function of keeping your system clean of toxins.


Cold-Press Juices

Our cold-pressed juices are pressed daily. Our cold-pressing method allows for more increased extraction of an estimated 3-5 times more nutrients than centrifugal juicers, as well a fresher, cleaner taste. Our juices keep their enzymes and nutrients cold throughout the pressing process so they last for around 72 hours.

You have the choice of getting our probiotic-enhanced (highly recommended) or regular juices. Probiotics help balance your body in a powerful way, starting with your gut. When your gut flora becomes balanced, digestion improves and you can absorb nutrients better, and your energy and beauty can increase.



Shots and boosters can provide a concentrated, targeted way to address a certain issue. Our menu is structured by bundle system, so that certain shots and boosters help you better achieve your specific goals, especially when consumed in conjunction with our complimentary Bio-Available smoothies and juices.


Cleanse Programs

*Must be ordered at least 24 hours in advance in store or called in.
*Offered for Levels 1 and 2

Please see the Cleanse FAQ’s section.

Your body may need support transitioning and maintaining healthy, long-term lifestyle shifts, which is where you’ll see the deep, long-term results. Properly designed cleanses can also be extremely helpful when you feel you need to break food addictions and need help getting back on track when you’ve fallen far away from an ideal diet.

Our cleanses are unique because Kimberly Snyder, a highly sought after clinical and celebrity nutritionist, and has designed each recipe and each cleanse program in accordance with her nutritional philosophy.

The Glow Bio cleanses are carefully designed both in products and a specific order to ingest them in each day, to maximize your cleanse experience with strategically placed fiber, to help escort toxins out of the body and also stabilize your blood sugar levels. Specific boosters are included in the program along the way to help “debloat” and flush out water weight, to help your system function more efficiently, enhance immunity and optimize digestive function. Our cleanses are not randomly put together just for “taste” or as “build your own”.

Our cold-pressed juices we provide you with are enhanced with probiotics, which help to optimize your cleanse experience by balancing your gut and internal flora, which can help result in better digestion and rooting out toxins on a deeper level.

We use 100% organic produce, and package our products in non-leachable PET post-consumer recycled and easily recyclable materials, which is extremely eco-friendly. Glass bottles are heavy and leave a heavier carbon footprint from shipping and storage, and corn-based products can only be recycled at special decomposing facilities.

Ready: 1 Day (8 products)
Level 1
Level 2

Set: 3 Days (24 products)
Level 1
Level 2

Glow: 5 day (40 products)
Level 1
Level 2