Energy in a Spoon

Bee pollen, drizzle of coconut oil

Nature’s most complete food in a spoon: fresh raw bee pollen. Energy in a Spoon is an amazing quick snack or booster any time of day. A bounty of antioxidants, vitamins, minerals, enzymes, and protein, all in one whole food source. Topped with a light drizzle of coconut oil, which provides essential fatty acids and may boost thyroid function and metabolism, thereby assisting with weight loss when consumed in moderate amounts. Chew well!
(For those with asthma or bee allergies, not recommended).

Glow Bio sources its bee pollen from Kimberly’s personal beekeeper, which is a superior tasting and potent (nothing like the bee pollen sold commercially). The bees are very “happy” as they are roam over organic land that has never been sprayed with pesticides, and are treated with a lot of love.

Immunity Shot

Lemon, cayenne, ginger

High in vitamin C, this shot acts as a strong blood purifier and cleansing agent to flush out bacteria and toxins in the body. Can aid in digestion, stimulates metabolism, eases constipation, and regulates bile flow. Cayenne is a warming spice that helps burn out bad bacteria in the body and stimulates metabolism. A powerful antimicrobial, antiviral, anti-inflammatory, and antioxidant-containing booster.

Great to take when your immunity is compromised, you feel the beginning of a cold or other such sickness coming on, you’re feeling run down, or regularly in general.

Supreme Soother

Raw aloe, turmeric, lime

This soothing, anti-inflammatory booster calms the gastrointestinal tract and digestive system. Raw aloe contains enzymes, amino acids, vitamins, minerals, groth factors and polysaccharides. Turmeric has natural anti-inflammatory properties. It soothes the whole body, helps cleanse the blood, aids in digestion, possesses anti-viral (flu) and anti-cancer properties, helps increase energy levels, reduces blood pressure, and promotes good cholesterol levels. Fresh lime juice is also high in anti-inflammatory vitamin C.


Spirulina, coconut water, stevia

Enzyme charged hydration. Full of B vitamins, omega fatty acids, and protein. The perfect balance for radiant hair, skin, nails, and a beautiful smile. Spirulina is extremely oxygenating in the body.

LemonAid Probiotic

A shot of the most highly beneficial and active strains of probiotics, to boost immunity, assist with ongoing cleansing, promote B vitamin formation in your gut, and optimize the uptake of nutrient assimilation. Probiotic consumption, along with the GGS, is at the heart of the Glow Bio program. Also contains a high vitamin C content from fresh lemon juice, and stevia to temper the tanginess of the lemon.

This liquid shot is the most direct way to consume and assimilate directly into your system.

The Debloater Shot

Cranberry is a potent natural diuretic that stimulates increased kidney function, to help push excess water weight quickly out of the body and create a more lean body quickly. We use highly concentrated, unsweetened cranberry extract for maximum potency. Sweetened with stevia (rather than sugar), this is a perfect shot to incorporate into your weekly plan to flush out the effects of bloating sodium-filled foods, which includes most anything you eat a restaurant or café, or medications, alcohol consumption, etc.