Green Foundation

These are the foundational drinks that we recommend consuming every day. They provide exceptional levels of enzymes, minerals, vitamins, antioxidants and myriad other phytonutrients.

We include the LemonAid Probiotic shot because probiotics are an essential component of an optimal wellness program, as they help your body assimilate nutrients better, and help promote better immunity and digestion.

Included in the Green Foundation:

The Glowing Green Smoothie
Glowing Green Juice
Power Green Juice
LemonAid Probiotic


Fountain of Youth

These concoctions were designed with anti-aging and beautifying benefits in mind. They are extremely high in a bevy of antioxidants, collagen-building vitamin C, and a wide range of youth-enhancing components.

Included in Fountain of Youth:

Youth Fountain
Goji Fruit Beauty
Baby Skin
Rainforest Acai Beauty
Beauty Builder
Clean Red
Beauty Shot
Debloater Shot


Bundle of Fitness

These products are high in protein and minerals for the athlete or active person, or just those looking for a filling smoothie that could even be a meal replacement on the go. The Detoxifier and Supreme Soother Shot have potent anti-inflammatory properties to help mitigate the effects of free radicals created from working out a great deal…or just stress in general!

Included in the Bundle of Fitness

Power Protein Shake
Active Chocolate Shake
Active Vanilla Shake
Supreme Soother Shot


Bundle of Energy

Looking for a natural boost of energy without caffeine? Try this bundle, which provides a great mix of energizing nutrients to get you up and keep you going. Includes a good deal of bee pollen, which is extremely high in energizing B vitamins, enzymes, vitamins and antioxidants.

Included in the Bundle of Energy

Peaches & Pollen
Energy in a Spoon