Hot Drinks

Hot drinks can be an enjoyable part of a holistic lifestyle. All of our teas and coffees are organic and fair-trade, and our teas have very potent health and beauty benefits.

Fair-trade organic teas:

We are big tea fans. Tea is consumed worldwide for its health-enhancing and feel-good properties.
Any of our teas can be made into a latte, with raw sprouted almond milk:

Fresh Prepared Tea

– Goji Berry – Mint
– Immunity – Digestive

Loose Leaf Tea

– African Rooibos – Pumpkin Spice Rooibos – Chai Rooibos
– Italian Chamomile – Red Lavender -Y erba Mate
– Ambrosia Plum White Tea – Lemon Jasmine Green Tea – Dragonwell Green Tea
– Black Chai Tea – Black Oolong Tea -Pu-Erh Mini Tou-Cha*

*fermented black tea

Organic Fair Trade Espresso

Raw Almond Milk Espresso Lattes
Glow: Espresso, raw almond milk
Glow Vanilla: Espresso, vanilla extract, raw almond milk
Spiced Mocha: Espresso, raw cacao, cinnamon, cayenne, raw almond milk

Espresso Shot

Cold-Brewed Coffee
(served hot or iced)

Sweetener Choices: Stevia or Raw Coconut Nectar